Day 2 – Alice Temple

Odd for my first post on what’s essentially an art blog to be a song but I feel that the themes of this song will resonate a lot with what I’m doing, hauntingly beautiful lyrics.  I first heard the song on the fantastic documentary Dreams of a Life. If you haven’t seen it I cannot speak highly enough about it, though prepare to have a bit of a life-altering moment while watching. Check it out on Netflix and I hope to be posting a lot about my progress or indeed lack thereof.

Currently, I am still very much in the research stages which, I hope, is the toughest it’s going to get. I’m sketching from the guttural instincts  I have from reading each very sparse case file and experiencing how utterly unaware I was of exactly how hard this would be. Some of these women and indeed girls too have already slid beneath my skin and before I’ve even put  brush to canvas. I feel an incredible amount of responsibility towards them. I’ve made them a promise that I can’t rescind because they deserve so much better than that and this is so much bigger then my own personal weaknesses.

When we lose someone, whether it’s to disease, a break up or even death we are haunted by the dissipating and confused love that now has nowhere to go but how can I feel I’ve lost someone who was gone before I ever even knew they existed? It’s a different kind of haunting and one that I will have to manage and embrace as I proceed down this delicate, delicate path.

©S.E Honan 2014

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