Day 72 – Moving Forward

After our extremely successful funding campaign I took a little hiatus from blogging for a few reasons. 1) I’ve been extremely busy ordering, collecting and organising canvases. 2) I felt a distinct lack of thoughts to express and it is my utmost intention to keep this fresh, interesting and spontaneous. And 3) It felt a little like when someone gives you a gift that is far too generous and you’re not sure exactly how to react.

Me, a professional at planning what to say and when exactly I should say it, gave no thought as to what should be said upon reaching our goal. All I can do is thank you, again, and let you know that Fundit has sent me the project report and I will be in contact with you all with regard to rewards etc.

Now the admin out of the way, I am proud to let everyone know that as of now I have sketched all 25 faces on all 25 canvases and have made substantial progress in painting.

Tonight, I hope to upload a small video as a sign of my gratitude, of a time lapse of my days work. Of Course, there’s only so much that can be done in a day so it will not be close to a finished piece, which I will be keeping hidden away until close to their completion so as to protect the impact of the finished works.


Day 19 – Fundit

It’s official. Blink. is now live on Fundit, the crowdfunding website. Here is the link:

For any of you unfamiliar with the site, creating an account takes less then two minutes and then you can browse through many worthwhile, interesting projects. To achieve our goal, I will need many materials but I have put a reasonable goal on the website so as to strengthen our chances of reaching it.

I really believe in this project and I hope you all do too. I cannot thank you enough for your continued support and interest but now is the time when we must strive even harder to make Blink. a reality. This is an artistic project with a difference. Not only will you be supporting art, this is secondary, but you will truly be giving something back. You will be providing a small group of women with a basic right that no one should be denied – to be remembered.

The rewards for funding are extremely personal and will forever give you a reminder of what you’ve helped to achieve. This should be a collective effort for anyone out there who believes and feels the visceral draw to this that I do. If you believe that these women deserve to be loved, not to be lost and to have a legacy then fund it! And together, we can achieve something far greater than ourselves.

However much you give, you will be a part of Blink., an integral and irreplaceable link in the chain that holds us together as we stand for these women and as we advocate for them when no one else will. But without you, it’s impossible.

So like, share, comment, follow, fund and let’s see what we can create.