“This is a deeply moving and important project. Blink offers these forgotten women an identity, ensuring in some small way that no life should be lost without acknowledgment.”
– The Irish Feminist Network


“We can’t look away from these paintings. Even if we wanted to. We are summoned to gaze, to keep looking, to question our own lives and the lives of others. 

Brutal and confrontational, they are a powerful reminder of the women whose lives have gone unrecognised and seemingly forgotten. In taking the time and care to create portraits of these Jane Doe women, whose lives are often as unknowable as their names, Blink. has focused our gaze on something important, that we must face up to and think about. The growing list of Jane Does all over the world, and the circumstances of their deaths, confronts us with the painful lives that so many women lead. In going beyond the usual and familiar police photographs, the paintings create a physical connection between the viewer and the subject. 

In a certain way, that only paintings can do,  the portraits create a tender legacy for these women;  often ignored in their lifetimes, and anonymous in death. “

– Carol Morley, BAFTA nominated film-maker 
Writer and Director, Dreams of a Life

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