Day 48 – Skeleton

Visiting the database as I do regularly I began glancing through the case files at random. Most are sparse at best and only a small fraction have photographs of recognisable faces which is, of course, the sub section I am focusing on.

I do this periodically whenever I have doubts or need to reinvigorate myself. Instead of focusing on the small pool I am working on I began reading from the last forwards. I came across a case that is impossible for me to include in Blink. but just as worthy of attention.

Hopefully, this will also give you all an insight into exactly what we’re dealing with here.

Jane Doe was found on October 31st 1958 as a complete skeleton 10 miles south east of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. There was an estimated interval of 18 months between her death and the discovery of her body. She was hispanic and had light brown hair with an artificial wave. She was wearing a white short sleeved sweater with red capri pants and a white cotton 34C bra with rayon underwear. She wore a 10 carat gold chain around her neck.

Also discovered was a pot of cold cream, white nylon comb, a white powder puff with what now would be known as bronzer on it and a blue nail file. She was five foot tall, estimated 105 pounds and between 11 and 14 years old.

This is all that’s left over 50 years on.


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